PSS - Persistence Surveillance System

The persistence surveillance system’s role is to provide an early warning by searching and tracking any activity in a designated perimeter / area of interest and to allow the tactical forces to prepare and take the right actions.

The system is composed by 2 sensors – a radar and a camera which complement each other.

The radar’s role is to detect any object within the designated area. Once the radar has detected a target, the operator can point the camera to that location and identify the target. Upon identification, a proper decision and action can be made.

The sensors are mounted on a pole / mast in order to increase the Line Of Sight (LOS) and to avoid interferences from the ground.

Key Solution Components

  • Radar for the preliminary detection, covering radius of 360° and distances up to 15 km (Mobile) or 30 km (Fixed)

  • Day + Infra-Red camera for targets investigation

  • Vehicle integration for mobile, or permanent installation, height of pole 6-25 meters

  • Ground Control Station, management software & further integration into command and control system


Can be integrated with additional camera platform for closer target identification (Aerostat or Copter/UAV solution. See Astrum and Oculus products)

The system as well as the GCS can be located into a fixed location or can act as fully mobile solution mounted in a designated vehicle. The GCS is be installed in a designated room or in a designated vehicle. For long term operations a fixed installation is recommended. The GCS has a control software to allow controlling all aspects of the system including radar control and display as well as the camera control & operation.

All the data may be distributed to remote locations (HQ, forces in the field, partners etc.)

Jeep Wrangler, radar and cameras integrated, mobile deployment

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Jeep Wrangler, radar and cameras integrated, mobile deployment

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Fixed perimeter surveillance solution, Radar+Cameras

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