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Ground Control Stations

Designing and manufacturing our own portfolio of rugedized, off the shelf Ground Control Stations for various applications. Our GCS can serve as operation tool for UAV and its payload, control and measurement/sensing applications, operating ground vehicles and robots or any other other specific task. The solution offers rugged and proven industrial computer power, bright touch screens and battery backup.

- GCS provides tactical display of all sensors and systems

- Displaying exact map location for each system

- Video receiving, recording and further distribution

- Remote video terminal & Real time video control 

- Vehicle/System control and management


Metal body, foldable for transportation, complete workstation.

  • 2 touch displays

  • camera control

  • operation of gimbal cameras

  • suitable for Aerostat & Copter applications,
    UGV, robots

  • weight: 39 kg

  • dimensions:
    transportaion&storage 62 x 46 x 68 cm
    operational 62 x 46 x 130 cm


Custom buit-in for VANs and light trucks. Complete workplace for the crew of 3-4 operators. Dedicated Mission Control seat. On images, Peugeot Boxer integration is shown.

  • 6-8 displays

  • independent power supply & UPS

  • heating and AC

  • integrated comms & radio

  • high performance industrial computers and screens

  • suitable for UAV operations, mobile UAV deployment system unit (along with trailer)


Portable, compact and light-weight Pelican case style GCS. 

  • 1 touch display

  • camera control

  • operation of gimbal cameras

  • suitable for Aerostat & Copter applications

  • weight: 17kg

  • dimensions: 45x28x22 cm

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