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ASTRUM - Aerostat System
  • Helium filled balloon anchored to the ground by tether & mooring system

  • Advanced EO/IR payloads for continuous, day/night operation in tactical payload bay unit

  • Commanding viewpoint, providing superb real time intelligence, surveillance and monitoring

  • The ultimate solution for non-stop 360° surveillance, in the air for up to 30 days

  • Single operator Ground Control Station

  • Proven in combat and civilian security roles

  • Highly mobile, cost effective systems with small logistic footprints

Designed in different sizes and specifications in order to respond different requirements.

All configurations are modifiable and upgradable

ASTRUM 300 – 3.85 m diameter, 2-4 km surveillance radius, Basic configuration

ASTRUM 500 – 6 m diameter, 10 km surveillance radius, upgraded & enhanced version

ASTRUM 800 – Tailor made, Multi sensor, 17+ km of surveillance radius

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