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OCULUS - Tethered copters for perimeter surveillance

The OCULUS tethered copter system is cost-effective solution, allows rapid deployment by single operator and gyro stabilized, dual sensor camera with up to 15 km of surveillance capabilities. System is flexible for transportation and weather resistant.
The system
cannot be jammed.

  • tethered system (unlimited fly time) with optional tether disconnect possibility – following the target

  • max altitude when tethered 150 m, wind resistance up to 15 m/s

  • military grade long range datalink (10 km for disconnecting version)

  • payload up to 6 kg, ready to fly with Controp T-Stamp gimbal class

  • robust small GCS with one application for both gimbal and copter control

  • fully automated and compact system including autopilot and automatic winch control

  • one button take off, landing and altitude control

  • advanced flight telemetry with ability to connect wide range of additional customer sensors

  • easily transportable in small van, fast deployment

  • safe emergency landing after engine / propeller failure

  • easy maintenance

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