Integration Solutions

Integration Solutions

A professional and smart system integration capability is a key element for any successful organization.  

Our decisive efforts to provide our customers, with high-end, yet cost effective solutions, have led us to develop own professional systems integration solutions.

We believe that in today’s high-end technological environment, any customer should own the technology which is required to meet its own operational needs and constraints. The difficult part is not to find systems to improve your operational function but rather deciding “which” and “how”.

In the intensive, rapidly changing technological environment in which security organizations must operate at, there is an expectation for immediate response and zero down time. Therefor the system integration process puts attention to details and coordination between both hardware and software, in order to maximize the operational results and minimize any potential system failures and maintenance. 

Summit Advanced Systems team is composed of multi-disciplinary professionals, covering the HLS & Homeland security arena solutions spectrums upon their diverse domains.



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