ISR kit

Summit Advanced Systems provides complete solutions for on-board operations of the camera gimbal systems. The complete solution for on-board operations was primarily designed for aircraft operations, such as for full sized aircraft, helicopters and gyro-copters. However, these systems are also used on ground vehicles and boats.

There are 2 options for the on-board operations.

Full ISR kit

  • camera gimbal
  • camera gimbal anti-vibration mounting (if required)
  • the Interface or GeoLock module as required
  • an operator control station computer
  • software suite- depending on functionality required


Standard ISR kit

The second option is for operations that do not require full situational awareness capability as provided by software, which includes a neat compact solution, where no other software or computers are required. A custom hand controller unit provides users with the primary gimbal controls to operate the camera gimbal and the sensor payload within the gimbal.

This solution contains:

  • camera gimbal
  • camera gimbal anti-vibration mounting (if required)
  • a power/video/control interface module
  • custom hand controller


These complete solutions provide an operator onboard the platform the ability to control any of our camera gimbals with ease.


The only thing required to operate this complete end-to-end system is to supply power.

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