Astrum 500

Astrum 500

Up to 15 km line of sight!


For customers who want to extend their security alignment with superior surveillance capabilities, we offer a high level of tactical and video data with up to 15 km surveillance range combined with real-time video distribution, extended operational endurance and wide-ranging weather conditions operation. 



- two - ply urethane aerostat

- tether length: 300m

- volume of the balloon: 73 m3

- net lift @SL/0 winds: 34 kg

- all weather operation, up to 50mph wind

- emergency deflation device



- own designed tactical payload carrier, which includes the communication, electricity and avionics systems

- able to allow the integration of any sensor

- standard choice of sensor for camera: OTUS 250 (military configuration)

- optional camera: 300LE, 4 axis camera, dual sensor, uncooled IR

- medium weight (7-12 kg)

- export controlled


Tactical GCS

- video display

- tactical display - aerostat and target location, payload line of site (LOS), terrain elevation, points of interest (POI), payload technical status

- camera control - manual and autonomic modes (HOLD, POINT TO, SCAN , TRACK)

- digital video recording

- video & data distribution (optional)



- easy to operate

- stores up to 9 cylinders of helium

- specialized trailer with power for use in remote locations

- mobile - can be towed by commercial vehicle (includes universal couplings for MMWV/stryker towing)

- telescoping mast for communication (optional)



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