Astrum 300 Standard

Astrum 300 Standard

Up to 4 km line of sight!

For customers who are targeting low range capabilities and seek for the most cost-effective solution, we offer a configuration which allows rapid deployment and 2 axis dual sensor camera with up to 4 km surveillance capabilities.



- single-ply urethane aerostat (3.5mm)

- tether length: 150m

- volume: 19 m3

- net lift @SL/0 winds: 12 kg

- light rain operation, up to 30mph winds



 - own designed standard payload carrier

- standard sensor for camera: OTUS 170

- optional camera: CM160/ OTUS 205 (IR - 2 FOVs), 2 axis, dual sensor, uncooled IR[LW1] 

- light weight (less than 2 Kg)


Standard GCS

- video display monitor

- basic camera control (manual modes)

- digital video recording



- easy to operate

- stores up to 4 cylinders of helium

- mobile -  can be towed by standard vehicle or transferred by a flatbed truck










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