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The ASTRUM Aerostat is highly versatile platform capable of a variety of operations.

Payload weight and altitude requirements are the only limits of the ASTRUM.

From the desert to the arctic and between we have flown in all types of weather with vast variety of payloads. Our unique and patented designs allow us to stay aloft when our competition is unable to. 

 Aerostat Balloon

Developed after intense research of different fabrics, materials and designs, this aerostat is designed with high-level components, offering optimum performance and reliability:

  • Single/two -ply, made of urethane

  • Capable of supporting a variety of payloads, attached with a three point configured platform

  • Designed for ease of assembly and set up

  • Expands and contract along with the pressure. Average loss of Helium per week is 1%-5%

  • When punctured- can easily be repaired

  • A design which allows additional lift as the wind speed increases

  • Standard colors of white, red, blue, and yellow

  • Option to add caption / logo



  • Available in different sizes- according to the system's requirements
  • Install as stationary or mobile platform- can be transferred by standard vehicle
  • Light weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Custom designed winch system 
  • Power can be supplied by gas, diesel, wind, or solar

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